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Rouse Analytics launches <i>Rental Metrics Benchmark Service</i>
Rouse Analytics launches Rental Metrics Benchmark Service

New industry metric standards create an unprecedented opportunity to drive decisions with data.

Rouse Analytics, Beverly Hills, CA, is announcing the launch of its Rental Metrics Benchmark Service, which provides rental companies of all sizes with a comparison of their own key performance metrics relative to the aggregated performance metrics of the industry. Initial participants in the service include industry leaders United Rentals, Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation, Ahern Rentals, NES Rentals, H&E Equipment Services, and Neff Rentals.

The service reports on rental rates, physical utilization, dollar utilization, fleet age, and revenue per day metrics. The service also reports on rental rate change over time and revenue distribution (i.e., % of revenue derived from monthly, weekly and daily rentals, and ancillary fees). These metrics are reported on a total company, regional, and market level for over 50 major categories and almost 400 types of equipment. No changes to rental companies’ current systems are necessary for participation in the service as Rouse Analytics is able to accept data from any rental system in any format.

The information provided by the Rental Metrics Benchmark Service enables rental companies to make better-informed decisions on rental rates, improve fleet management and improve investor communication. The metrics reported are compliant with the American Rental Association’s (ARA) Rental Market Metrics™, a new industry standard designed to provide rental companies with a consistent method for reporting critical performance measures.

“ARA is pleased to have Rouse Analytics adopt ARA Rental Market Metrics™ as the standard for their Rental Metrics Benchmark Service,” says Christine Wehrman, ARA’s CEO. “ARA is confident of Rouse’s ability to implement the metrics as defined and recognizes the value of this service to the industry. Rental businesses that subscribe to Rouse Analytics Rental Metrics Benchmark Service are now able to compare themselves to other companies based on the ARA Rental Market MetricsTM standards.”

Rental companies, construction equipment dealers, lending institutions, investors, and analysts have relied upon Rouse as a trusted, dependable, and informative resource for over 90 years. Rouse Asset Services provides rental companies, construction equipment dealers, and their investors and lenders with the most accurate appraisals and equipment valuation information available. Rouse Asset Services values over $20 billion of equipment, tracks more than 13,000 unique makes and models, and analyzes over $2 billion of retail, auction, and trade-in sales of used equipment annually. Rouse Sales helps rental companies achieve higher used equipment recoveries through the retail sales channel. Rouse Sales supports client sales of over $300 million in used equipment through the retail channel annually.

For more information about Rouse Analytics’ Rental Metrics Benchmark Service, contact Gary McArdle, Vice President of Rouse Analytics at 310-360-9200, ext. 124 or gary@rouseservices.com. More information about Rouse Analytics is available at rouseanalytics.com






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