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Monthly Safety Meeting: Avoiding slips, trips and falls

As a part of our Risk Management coverage, Rental Pulse will now offer a monthly topic with related links to resources to help you to easily conduct your own safety meetings. These American Rental Association (ARA) free member-only resources are available to aid in your facilitation of a safety meeting.

This month’s topic is Avoiding slips, trips and falls:

Safety meetings should impart important information on equipment and general workplace safety and encourage every employee to contribute to the safety of the company. An efficient safety meeting is the avenue for disseminating this information to all employees, while empowering them to take responsibility for workplace conduct and safety.

In addition to downloading/accessing the above resources, before your meeting you also should:

  • Gather company policies and procedures.
  • Research state, local, provincial and federal laws.
  • Determine the use of visuals, such as the videos above, and gather and check the equipment you will need for their presentation. 
  • Print out any handouts you will use. 
  • Announce the meeting date and time.

During the meeting:

  • Start the meeting on time.
  • Create an attendance record.
  • Stick to the topic.
  • Ask attendees about personal experiences.
  • Encourage active participation from everyone by limiting the amount of time one person speaks.
  • Incorporate hands-on training.
  • Reiterate company policies and procedures.
  • Record significant comments or action ideas.

After the meeting:

  • Follow up on comments and action ideas.
  • File an attendance record.





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